Sunday, January 8, 2012

My progress in painting still life and my renewed passion for it.

The above picture was my reference . A flower arrangement from our living room. I love the bright colors so I figured this will be a good watercolor project.

The above painting was done using Winsor and Newton watercolor, 200gsm paper. I used salt for the texture  but was not able to finish the left side. First time I used this technique.

I was not happy with the washes because initially I wanted a transparent effect but ended up with opaque finish.The color wash was not as bright as I want it to be. Also the charging effect for the lower petals was not as succesfull as Id hope.hehehehehe.

So the very early the next day, around 6am, I decided to the project again.
 I was abit distracted because my husband and son woke up minutes after and came out the room looking lost (hahahaha) probably looking where the hell I was at 6am Sunday morning!

Anyways, when they went back to bed and fell asleep, I went back to my painting session. But again, I was not able to really focus because of so many distractions.

Usually when I sketch for a painting, it will only take me 10-15 minutes tops. Seriously. Im quite fast and use to using pencil. I dont even scale, I just draw freehand. But this morning, I was like sketching for more than 30 minutes. Whew. So clearly , Im not a morning person.Hahahaha.

So the first I sketched the form, then I more detailed sketch below.

The above picture was my second attempt to paint the same subject. Again, Im not very happy with it.

Below was a painting I did around August last year. It was a dissaster. I dont know what to do or how to start. I keep on re working the washes that the colors bled out of the paper. What a shame.

The next painting was my second attempt last year, gosh, and I call myself a Fine Arts graduate! I totally forgot how to paint!!

Honestly, I lost my passion to paint many years ago. Even in college, I really wanted to be a journalist so painting was not really my passion then but I got thru college and passed anyway. I got good grades for my artworks but it was more like finishing an assignment more than enjoyment.

When I began painting and drawing again last August, I didnt know that I was pregnant at the time. I was painting Day and night.    I dont care if it looks good or not, I just want to paint.

Then a bad thing happened. I lost my baby. For a months I cried. At night I will wake up and cry even more. I stopped painting and I thought, I will not paint ever again.

Then one day in December, I just found myself painting again. I thought for sure I was pregnant again.

 I  took a home pregnancy test  8 times before I finally gave up. But I didnt stop painting this time. Somehow painting gave me this hope that maybe if its Gods will, I will be blessed with another angel.

This time, when I paint, I paint because I enjoy it. I want to share my Art and help those to find their passion again.

Till my next post

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