Monday, January 9, 2012

ANother Portrait in watercolor

Ok, after my last failed watercolor paintings, I decided I wanted to paint something Im more familiar with.

So I surfed the net and came across several impressionist watercolor artist. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this artist. But I will go back and edit this post once I get her name. 

Above painting is still drying (Im just excited to post it!! ) will add highlights once it dries and will just re-post the finish piece.

I was drawn to this picture because one, the style was exactly what I wanted to do. Im still studying how I should do my signature strokes. In my previous portrait below you will see my first experiment on this style

So first step is to sketch, choose my colors, then tape my paper on my board then paint!

I will experiment more using this style and do a series.

Please feel free to leave comments. Till my next post!

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