Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guess who?

Im really not happy with the outcome but I decided to post it anyways. It got dirty and my hand was sweating so much and time for me to make dinner so I just stopped tweaking it.:-)

Who knows, maybe tomorrow with a fresh eye I can improve it.

Till my next post folks!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reposting My Drawing!

Cant seem to get the actual color of my drawing. This picture is a bit green.lol

posted this photo in IG .Photo taken with my Iphone 4.

There is something wrong with blogger these days. cant seem to get into the home page and I keep seeing old post. Anyways, this drawing got erased somehow.

So Im reposting this drawing. This sketch was made while waiting for my son to finish his 1 hour OT class.But before that I was able to sketch while he was asleep.

Can you guess who she is? Right now Im making use of all the spare time I have ( in between driving my son to school/house chores/errands  ) Drawing now is my personal time.

Hoping I can draw more and find time to paint.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Found a Muse

HB and 4B pencils. Photo taken using my Iphone :-)

Today I decided to make use of my time while waiting for Hamlet to finish his Saturday morning class, so in the car, while watching Big Bang theory in the background and munching potato chips, I sketched my muse.

After an hour, we went out to lunch and when we got back home, I decided to finish thus sketch for another hour while my hubby and son is asleep--waiting for the aircon cleaner guys to finish their work.

I think I still need to add some detail, erase some here and there ( so hard to do detailing when you dont have the right tools ) but since Im using a mongol pencil eraser, I cant really do much now. So, here I am, posting this drawing and hoping I can find time to do the finishing touches.

Its really an effort to find the time to draw lately but I promised myself I will do my best, even if its just 1-2 hours a day.

Pratice makes perfect and I still need a lot of practise to do.

Feel free to leave a comment my dear readers, I will highly appreciate it!

Bye for now...

Friday, June 8, 2012

How have you been?

I actually like this better. I like the unfinished effect. I cant find my drawing pencils so I used a mechanical pencil. Cant erase so this lazy sketch was quick, cant erase mistake so its not perfect. And somehow, I still like it. I used watercolor pencils just to add texture and color.

Maybe I will explore this style more-unfinished portraits, fast, not too perfect. But maybe concentrate on making the eyes look more alive.

How have you been?!!! Its been ages since I last posted any artworks. Honestly, I havent done any. Mommy duties and house chores pretty much occuppied my time. I also went on a much needed vacation in Hongkong and Boracay with my family and son.

I posted the pictures at my other blog, http://www.ochiemakeup.blogspot.com.

While doing the painting, I realized that I hate this paper. Can you see the rough texture? its actually the paper peeling off. Arghh. ANyways, it was a good practise.

Hope to paint more next time.