Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My 2 landscape Paintings

First painting- In actual the colors are muddy and not transparent like what I wanted to achieve.

Painting above was my  3rd and last try.

Now this painting was my second try. When I over analyze I get too careful, almost always the outcome is bad. Instead of feeling the colors I concentrate more on the making a great picture rather than enjoying the experience.

Again, I just copied the above painting from the internet.

 Im still unfamiliar with the type of paper  and paint brushes I should use. Right now, im using old brushes  ( synthetic )  and bought 2 new sable brushes. In the end, I  always end up using my old brushes.. I guess its just habit. I also tried using  an old makeup brush for the background. LOL.

 My husbands likes my landscape paintings but I prefer doing portraits . I just love the different expressions and how the light touches the face & the shadow it creates.

Any comments? I will appreciate it a lot.

Till my next post..

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