Friday, January 6, 2012

Landscape painting # 3 .Failed!

Watercolor used: Windsor & Newton
Paper: 200gsm, coldpressed

I made these two paintings pretty much at the same time. The above painting was done while I was waiting for the first painting below to dry. As you can see the first paiting is not done yet and colors are opaque,and I didnt get the effect I want.

The paper I used is the cheap kind I bought at National bookstore (P255.00). It does not absorb water very much so Im still quite trying to learn how the watercolor will flow as I begin to paint. Secondly, I used two different brands of watercolor. The above picture was painted using Winsor and Newton while the paiting below was done using Reeves, again, another cheap alternative at national bookstore. I used Reeves paint with my Monotone portrait and it came out fine. Mainly because the Paper I used, which ran out was a soft pressed I believe. Because it takes on a lot of water and when I glaze the subject, the effect looks very nice.  Also, the colors  I used, green, red and blue created a sort of blue-green-gray color, so the effect is not very transparent as well.

But I will continue to use Reeves and this paper just to see if it will continue to dissapoint me ot surprise me eventually :-)

Unfinished painting...

I  stumbled upon an online watercolor painting website. The Artist is V.Pappas and her website is www.create38.com. She also offers a paid online watercolor class ( I wanted to do an on-line makeup class before when I was still studying makeup! hahaha ) The above was my first attempt to paint the same subject from her Free watercolor lesson.

 I dont if its the paint I used  or because I did it the second time, but the second painting is definitely better.

Anyways, for those who dont know what brand of watercolor to use yet, I hope I helped.

If you are just starting out like me, Prang and Reeves is a good paint already for practise.Winsor and Newton is good too. I will try other brands and other colors and will post a review as well. Also, will show you my favorite colors/watercolor palette. Based on research brands like M.Graham, Daniel SMith, Newton, Schmincke,Old Holland are suppose to be really good!

Haha, being a  Makeup Artist, I have several palettes as well! hmm.. that gave my an idea for my next Videoblog in you tube.

Till my next post!

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