Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Meet my wonderful son Rune. Rune and my husband are the source of my inspiration and renewed passion in painting.

Almost everyday I practise painting. This time I wanted to do a portrait but give the painting a twist by using a more deliberate brush strokes. I wanted it to look loose and quite unfinished but knowing how OC I can be, I worked on the detail too much.

Also, I left too many rough edges and painted in wet on dry. The paper should at least be damped enough to take in the layers of color and still retain the transparency.

Analyzing what I did wrong, I figured I should have used a wet and wet technique.Dummy! This way the color transition is more fluid and the effect is still transparent.

I also used too many warm colors. After I photographed the painting, I noticed I used too much orange, both on the subject and the background.

Anyways, I will of course try again but will probably take a break from doing portrait and continue practising on still life and landscape subjects.

Till my next post!!

Yikes!! I used too  much orange!! dont know what I was thingking!! hahahahaha.Oh well!


  1. what a wonderful portrait! :)

    1. thanks you soo much! hope you can support & follow this blog!