Friday, June 8, 2012

How have you been?

I actually like this better. I like the unfinished effect. I cant find my drawing pencils so I used a mechanical pencil. Cant erase so this lazy sketch was quick, cant erase mistake so its not perfect. And somehow, I still like it. I used watercolor pencils just to add texture and color.

Maybe I will explore this style more-unfinished portraits, fast, not too perfect. But maybe concentrate on making the eyes look more alive.

How have you been?!!! Its been ages since I last posted any artworks. Honestly, I havent done any. Mommy duties and house chores pretty much occuppied my time. I also went on a much needed vacation in Hongkong and Boracay with my family and son.

I posted the pictures at my other blog, http://www.ochiemakeup.blogspot.com.

While doing the painting, I realized that I hate this paper. Can you see the rough texture? its actually the paper peeling off. Arghh. ANyways, it was a good practise.

Hope to paint more next time.

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