Saturday, June 9, 2012

Found a Muse

HB and 4B pencils. Photo taken using my Iphone :-)

Today I decided to make use of my time while waiting for Hamlet to finish his Saturday morning class, so in the car, while watching Big Bang theory in the background and munching potato chips, I sketched my muse.

After an hour, we went out to lunch and when we got back home, I decided to finish thus sketch for another hour while my hubby and son is asleep--waiting for the aircon cleaner guys to finish their work.

I think I still need to add some detail, erase some here and there ( so hard to do detailing when you dont have the right tools ) but since Im using a mongol pencil eraser, I cant really do much now. So, here I am, posting this drawing and hoping I can find time to do the finishing touches.

Its really an effort to find the time to draw lately but I promised myself I will do my best, even if its just 1-2 hours a day.

Pratice makes perfect and I still need a lot of practise to do.

Feel free to leave a comment my dear readers, I will highly appreciate it!

Bye for now...

1 comment:

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