Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Woke up very early today at 6am (early for me! lol) and I painted  the above portrait. I honestly dont know what I was doing but I was going for a moody, sad sort of portrait. Instead It looked like I was playing with watercolor. In between me doing the laundry and painting, this is ther result.

I hate the paper I bought online and you can see with the above painting why. The paper looks like its been scratched and I dont know why.Anways, I still have loads of Arches paper and for me, Arches is the best. I used 140cold pressed.

I painted the above portrait late last night when my sons sleeping already so I guess I have no excuse for messing it up.LOL. But I want to record my progress as an artist so I decided to post these paintings anyway.

Still dont know my siganture style..but I know it will come to me.

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