Sunday, March 4, 2012

Portrait of an Elderly Man

Cold pressed, 150 Arches Paper/Gumbracher/Winsor and Newton/Old Holland

Alizarin crimson,Scarlet lake, Permanent Rose, Burnt Umber,French Ultramarine blue-Light,Hookers Green, New Gamboge,Burnt Sienna.

This painting is quite complicated for me because there were a lot of process, highlights to be recovered (lifting technique) and some of it I even used masking fluid just to make it easier and faster to paint.

The first task was to draw it in detail from a small picture in my Ipad. I started with the eyes then the details below each eye and work outward. Usually, I start with the shape of the head then the eyes then draw downward. Other people has their own way of drawing but thats pretty much how I do it ever since.

But since this portrait has too many detail, I drew it a different way. Sketching it in detail is my way of learning the grooves, cuts,wrinkles and other detail of the portrait so I can paint it better.

I dont know if its just me and if you can see it in the photograph  but the paper gives the painting a subtle glow

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