Friday, September 2, 2011

20-25 year Old Sketches

The above sketch was copied from a magazine. I remember  I was 13 when I did this sketch. I remember going to my folks house, last year. then my mom handed me these drawings. I was so touched because my Mom kept these drawings all these years. All my other paitings from Art school got lost due to our constant moving of houses back when I was in college. Id  like to share these drawings because it brings me back to those times when I just wanted to draw all the time, mostly women's faces. Now Im doing makeup on Peoples faces. Hahahaha. I dont even have money for art supplies, I used old coupon bonds, ballpen and mongol pencils. These Drawings might not be perfect but it reminded of the my love for drawing/art. Something that I forgot to do when I started working in Fashion.

After college and being an apprentice in an advertising firm, I worked in Cinderella as a buyer for Cosmetics and Fragrances from 1994 till 2000. Ever since, I never sketched again. I started sketching again when I got pregnant, 2007. Now 2011, while pregnant with my 2nd child, I feel like painting and doing art again.

This blog will feature that journey...I hope I still remember what I have learned in school. I know there is so many things I need to learn.

Back then I love sketching Jacklyn Smith. For me, she has the perfect face.
This particular sketch above was done when I was in college, I think I was about 17. 

Another Jacklyn Smith Sketch. Looking at it now, it looks weird.hahahaha.

A portrait I made out of memory. I think the eyes are too far apart!hahaha

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